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Will Mini-Splits Heat Your Home?

Ductless mini-splits are becoming an increasingly popular way to cool your home, but will they do a sufficient job when temperatures start to drop? Mini-splits will heat your home and they offer benefits that a traditional air conditioning unit does not.

Mini-Splits act as a Traditional Heat Pump

Traditional air conditioners are truly heat pumps, meaning they take air outside your home and pump into your house either heated or cooled. When you turn on the heater, your AC unit takes cold air and heats it, distributing it around your house.

Mini-splits utilize the same principles as a traditional air conditioner, but they use a system of wall units that you hang in the different rooms of your home.

The Benefits of a Mini-Split

The major benefit of ductless mini-splits is their efficiency. They can be much more efficient than traditional HVAC units, saving you up to 50% in energy usage. Less energy means more money in your wallet due to lower utility bills.

Mini-splits are also much easier to install and take up much less space. Additionally, they have a couple benefits specific to heating your home:

  • They Are Ductless – Mini-splits don’t use ductwork, which is a major source of energy inefficiency. Ducts are notorious for heat and cooling loss, up to 30% of the heat generated by traditional AC units can be lost through ductwork. That could be even higher if your ducts are old and haven’t been checked in a while. If you’re struggling to heat your home with a traditional unit, it might be time to get your ducts inspected.
  • They Heat Only the Rooms that You Want To – Mini-splits are installed only in the rooms that you want. That means that you don’t have to heat the rooms that you don’t use. If you only want to heat your living room, bedroom, and kitchen, you have that option. By controlling where the heat goes, you spend much less energy and money to stay comfortable in the winter.

If your heating bill is traditionally very high in the winter, it might be a good time to consider switching to a mini-split system. They’ll save you energy and money.

Interested in Switching Systems?

Some families are hesitant to switch to a mini-split system because they have a higher initial cost compared to traditional units. Often the savings in energy of a mini-split system can help offset some of the initial cost. We can help walk you through your options, lay out the costs, and map out installation and where to put the units.