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Stay Warm & Save Money This Winter

How to Save Energy and Keep Warm in The Winter

The winter season has finally arrived in Florida and has brought with it lower temperatures and stormy weather. For many people, now is the time to bundle up and enjoy feeling cozy in the comfort of their homes. Although staying indoors is enjoyable, it can also come with a high energy bill due to the cost of heating the house throughout the day. To save energy and reduce your utility costs while still feeling content with the indoor temperatures, Stellar Services of Gainesville has provided a few tips and tricks to practice this wintery season.

  1. Use Ceiling Fans
    Ceiling fans do not only reduce the cost of energy during the warmer months of the year: they can also be used to your advantage during the winter season. Reverse the direction of ceiling fans and use them throughout the day to improve the airflow of the heat. Having your fans spin clockwise will trap the heat and increase the internal temperature of each room for an easy way to save money and lower your thermostat.
  2. Set the Thermostat
    Instead of allowing your HVAC system to run at a continuous rate to heat the home, only use energy when you really need it by setting the thermostat to a specific temperature. Experts recommend reducing the temperature at night to 56° and increasing it during the day to 68°. To stay warm during the night, use flannel sheets on the beds and wrap up in thick comforters to keep the chill away while sleeping.
  3. Shut Vents to Unused Rooms of the Home
    Instead of spending money to heat unused rooms of the home, only heat occupied places to reduce the cost of your energy bill. Shut the vents in rooms that inhabited frequently, which includes the office, guest room, or library. This is an easy step that works to direct the heat to the specific areas of the home that require a comfortable temperature for residents.
  4. Make Warm Foods
    A practical way to stay warm in your home without spending more money is by cooking warm food. Utilizing the oven or stove will heat the interior of your home, and eating the hot food will increase your body temperature as you enjoy a steaming meal or beverage. Consider cooking soups on the stovetop or roasts in the oven, and make hot chocolate for dessert, as these tasty treats will quickly heat your home and your heart.
  5. Clean Furnace Filters
    Enable your furnace to run more efficiently by cleaning or replacing the filter. Addressing the filter will improve the airflow and prevent the system from working harder than necessary. Filters should be replaced at least once a year.
  6. Put on a Fire
    Toast yourself like a marshmallow indoors by putting an old fashioned fire on in the living room where you can enjoy hearing the cackle of the flames while heating the home. For extra security, install airtight doors on the fireplace to diminish any heat loss that may occur.
  7. Hang Heavy Curtains
    Stop heat loss from happening in the various windows around the house by hanging heavy or quilted curtains that will keep the room insulated and block the outdoor chill.
  8. Use Space Heaters
    If only one or two people are present in the home, then space heaters are more economical when it comes to staying warm than heating the whole house. Use a space heater several feet from your body and avoid blocking it with blankets or other items to ensure that you stay comfortable. These appliances work most effectively in walled-in rooms that are blocked off better.
  9. Perform Exterior Caulking
    To prevent the heat loss most commonly persisting at windows and doors, perform exterior caulking to seal leaks. Expanding foam can also be sprayed in the attic and basement to keep the heat more contained.
  10. Add New Insulation in the Attic
    To save hundreds of dollars on energy costs during the winter season, add new insulation to an attic where heat most often escapes in the home.
  11. Use LED Christmas Lights
    A festive practice that raises the energy bill during the winter season is putting up Christmas lights outdoors. To lower your energy usage without abandoning your holiday decorations, opt for LED lights that use 75% less energy and last twenty-five times longer than traditional bulbs. The bulbs also emit less heat and are less prone to breakage, making them a eco-friendly option that can be used for several years.
  12. Perform Weather Stripping
    To bring down your energy bill by an average of 13%, perform weather stripping on various levels of the home and at different points of entry. This will limit the amount of heat slipping away through the gaps that are often present on windows and doors.
  13. Allow Sunlight In
    An elementary and nature-loving way to increase your home’s temperature during the day is by opening the blinds on the west and south windows of the home to allow natural sunlight to flood each room. This habit can secure a savings of up to 12% off of your energy bill during the season.
  14. Use Area Rugs
    Another straightforward system for protecting the warmth in rooms with bare floors is to add area rugs that can coat each surface and offer extra softness to your toes. Area rugs hinder floors from feeling chilly and will help keep the HVAC system off the job even longer.
  15. Get an Energy Audit
    Hiring a professional to perform an energy audit is a productive plan for finding any air leakage that is present in various points of the home. You will be supplied with a detailed report outlining any of the problems that are causing your energy bill to run high. The professional from your local utility company will use an infrared camera and a blower door test to detect the leaks and inform you about the specific areas that need to be caulked or have extra insulation installed.

By taking the right steps, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars on your energy usage while warming the home. Stellar Services of Gainesville hopes that these tips equip you to conserve energy during the winter time without compromising your holiday cheer. Do not hesitate to contact our professionals for the maintenance check-up on your heating system that can reveal even more ways to cushion your bank account in the colder months.