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Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance

Your furnace is the heart of the home, providing warmth to every corner of your living space. Though it is an essential aspect of your home, many Florida homeowners make the mistake of neglecting their furnace. Despite year-round average highs above sixty degrees in North Central Florida, without a proper heating system, your home is vulnerable to becoming an arctic tundra. Furnace maintenance ensures that your heating system is running efficiently and keeping your family warm for the upcoming holiday festivities! Here are a few signs your home furnace might need a maintenance checkup. If you haven’t yet turned on your furnace, it is recommended to get it thoroughly inspected before turning on as well.

Rising Energy Bill

Stop overpaying! Notice a significant increase in your heating bill? The efficiency of your home appliances plays a great role in how much you’re paying each month on energy expenses. The lesser performance of an old or overworked furnace will cost you more money than you’re supposed to be paying. Because there are many reasons why this may occur, it’s very difficult to identify the exact problem without the proper training. Contact a trusted HVAC service company that is equipped with the right tools and trained professionals who can accurately evaluate the problem.

Old Systems

All good things must come to an end! Your furnace has served you long and well, but note that the average life expectancy of home furnaces ranges from 16 to 20 years old. If your furnace is older than 15 years, then you might consider looking into a new one. Old furnaces will call for more repairs–both big and small–and ultimately cost you more money. If you are experiencing a need for constant repairs for your old furnace, investing in a new furnace will save you more money than continuing to pay for repairs. To help your decision making, contact an HVAC professional to evaluate the state of your furnace. 

Unusual Behavior

Trust your basic senses! They provide our brains with the necessary information that helps people be aware of the potential danger around them. If you sense anything abnormal about your furnace, then there is a good chance your furnace needs maintenance.

  • Smell: If you notice odors throughout your home, then your HVAC system should be investigated immediately. Unpleasant odors indicate serious system health problems and could worsen if not dealt with. 
  • Sound: Hear odd and unusual sounds coming from your furnace? Different sounds pose different home hazards. Have a trained HVAC professional diagnose the noises coming from your furnace, and make the necessary adjustments to keep it running smoothly.

Unbalanced Room Temperature

Winter is right around the corner and many people make the mistake of underestimating the Florida cold.  If your furnace struggles to evenly distribute heat throughout your home or produces no heat at all, then contact an HVAC professional today. Don’t hesitate! Ensure that your family has a warm and cozy home for the chilly Florida nights.

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