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AC Repair: Tips to Avoid Downtime in the New Year

As the New Year approaches, so do resolutions of making this next year a better one. While fitness and resolving bad habits go to the top of the list most often, Stellar Services is here to ensure you are more prepared this year than the last in other areas, namely, your appliance needs. Many people have experienced appliance breakdowns at the most inopportune time and at Stellar Services, we are here to say that these costs can be lessened, avoided, and planned for with these helpful hints and guidelines, so that your new year’s budget will be ready for any ac repair or purchase needed. Resolve to make the most of your appliances and finances!

1. To avoid unexpected costs, you must receive regular service from a company that you can trust.

Whether you are in the market to fix, replace, or purchase a new appliance, make sure the company you hire comes highly recommended. It may seem obvious, but ask about customer satisfaction guarantees and warranties. Remember that sometimes you do in fact get what you pay for and when it comes to extending the lifetime of a very expensive piece of equipment, you really do want the best service. Highly professional ac repair businesses will make it a habit of foreseeing problems, if possible, before they occur and finding frugal ways of extending the life of your machine. This is because local repair companies rely heavily on repeat business and client recommendations. Some companies will even recommend customized maintenance plans.

2. Maintain, maintain, maintain!

It is always advised for the customer to maintain any piece of equipment at all times for efficiency and longevity.

With commercial refrigerators, make sure the condenser is cleaned regularly as it can get packed with lint, animal hair, or other debris easily. Even refrigerators with self-cleaning condenser functions can be aggravated over time if too much pet hair or other debris finds its way into the unit. Unfortunately, cleaning these condensers can get tricky at times because some models have the condenser located in the back of the refrigerator making it especially difficult to be able to dust the condenser area regularly. If this is the case for you or your business, some companies can service your appliance with a Maintenance Program, customized specifically for each business or individual need.

When it comes to maintaining your air conditioning unit, much like refrigerators, you will need to clean the condenser coil, and additionally, the evaporator coil regularly to extend the life of your appliance. Also consider changing or cleaning the filter (depending on the model, some have reusable filters) every three months without a pet and even sooner if one or multiple pets are living in the residence. It is also a good idea to periodically check drainage channels and coil fins to elongate the lifetime of your unit.

For heating units, ensure the safety of your home by installing an oil safety valve. Each year, check for leaks – tank, valves, piping, etc. Make sure a professional is called annually to clean the furnace and to check for malfunctions. Some leaks and spills from your heating systems can cost up to $50,000, so seeking regular maintenance is a must!

3. Finally, be better prepared for the cost of a new appliance by knowing the life expectancy.

  1. Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, 15-20 years: The newer versions will have the benefit of improved technology, and thus, longer lives. Maintenance will also help increase energy efficiency and overall longevity.
  2. Commercial Refrigerators, 5-8 years: The life of this particular item relies on the model and heavily on maintenance.
  3. Water Heater, 10-25 years: Some tankless water heaters can out last the standard gas or electric versions. Unfortunately, the type of water plays a role, too – spring, well, or untreated hard water can be one of the factors to a shorter lifespan.

For other appliances’ life expectancy and for more details, contact the experts at Stellar Services. Not only are we eager to increase your knowledge of maintaining the life of your appliance, but we believe in the products we sell. In fact, when it comes to residential air conditioning and heating repair, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on many component parts. Our warranties, maintenance program, and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart. Contact us today!