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How Preventative Maintenance Can Save Your A/C Unit

Many people are hesitant to pay for preventative maintenance when they don’t notice anything wrong with their A/C unit. However, that view can be shortsighted and cause major problems down the line for your home or business. Just because there are no noticeable problems with your system at the moment, there could be some slowly happening on the inside.

The idea behind preventative maintenance is to stay ahead of any trouble with your unit. When problems begin to creep up and start turning into bigger one, trusted HVAC professionals will be able to correct the issues before they turn into major hits to your wallet.

Preventative maintenance is an important way to keep your air conditioning unit in top shape during any season, but it’s always a good idea as temperatures begin to warm up. A quick check up can get your unit ready for standing up to the heat throughout the long, hot summer.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should invest in preventative maintenance.

Energy Savings

Even a small problem with your A/C unit can cause it to work harder and increase the price of your electric bill. As the system works less efficiently, it costs more to cool or warm your home during any season. These problems can also continue to worsen until they are fixed, leaving the unit to run at a lesser efficiency that costs you more money.

There have been studies that prove consistent maintenance on an air conditioning unit can help save energy. There are over 100 components to your air conditioning unit, and even the tiniest malfunction can drive your bill up. Even cleaning the coils of the system alone can help produce energy savings for a system.

Consistent preventative maintenance can help keep your system running at the most efficient level possible.

Indoor Air Quality Improved

When dirt and dust build on the exterior of your A/C unit, some of it can begin creeping its way into the inside of the system. Once dirt or dust gets on the interior, it can be pushed by the unit throughout the house to hurt the indoor air quality of your home or business.

Your system’s efficiency and cleanliness controls your indoor air quality. When it is properly maintained and runs as efficiently as possible, you are keeping your family healthier by limiting the pollutants in the air.

Long-Term Savings through Preventative Maintenance

Paying money for a system that isn’t broken is what often holds home and business owners from going through preventative maintenance, but this mindset is missing the potential benefits. The small amount of money spent on preventative maintenance can actually save money in the long run.

Just as a small malfunction in the system can expend extra energy and drive your bill up, it also puts more stress on the system and cause shorten the life of it. Most A/C units last 10-15 years, but preventative maintenance can help them last up to 20 years.

The small amount of money you spend for preventative maintenance can help you save money in the long run by putting off the big purchase of a new A/C unit.

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