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6 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

When it comes to surviving a summer in Florida, air conditioning is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. The heat and humidity are a serious concern, so it’s vital to make sure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently. To avoid a possible air conditioning breakdown, there are a few things to pay attention to that can help you avoid costly damage. However, if your AC unit is broken, you can count on the experts at Stellar Services in Gainesville FL to repair or replace your unit.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters are the easiest and often the cheapest way to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency. If an air filter is clogged, it causes the AC unit to work harder to circulate air through your home. We recommend you change your air filter every month, especially in the summer when you are spending more time indoors with the AC unit running.

Clear the Drain Line

Other than cooling the air, AC units also work by removing humidity (moisture) from the air. The air conditioning unit collects the water and moves it through a drain, taking it safely out of the home. Over time, however, the drain has the potential to become blocked and overflow, causing serious damage to the unit. You can clean the drain line yourself by pouring one cup of chlorine down the drain, followed by one gallon of water.

Remove Debris

People often forget that keeping the outside AC unit clean and free of debris can make a big difference in its efficiency. Leave, twigs, pollen, and dirt can all impede the performance of your air conditioning. The outdoor fans are usually only protected by a few metal grates, and which makes it susceptible to damage. Your owner’s manual will instruct you on the proper method to removing debris, such as using a broom or hose. Of course, you can always contact Stellar Services for questions about cleaning your unit.

Tighten Belts

We’re not talking about your waistline! Inside your AC unit, there are belts that operate to run the fans and other machinery. Over time, these belts get old and worn and might cause your AC unit to freeze, which is a costly repair. To help prevent this, you can check your belts to ensure they are in good condition. If not, it is a good time to call our air conditioning experts who would be happy to tighten and replace the belts as part of regular AC maintenance.

Clean Air Ducts

Professional air duct cleaning is a great way to improve indoor air quality, but it also improves the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Over time, the air ducts in your home collect dust and other air pollutants. When that debris is cleaned and removed, your air conditioning system will be run more efficiently.

Contact Stellar Services for AC Maintenance

Even if you follow the tips listed above to keep your air conditioner running efficiently, there are still things that only a professional HVAC technician can see and fix. As part of our maintenance service, we will identify potential problems before they occur, which can save you money. We recommend AC maintenance is performed at least every six months. Contact Stellar Services for AC services in Gainesville FL, for any air conditioning repairs or to schedule air conditioning maintenance. We will work with you to catch any problems before they arise and help get your air conditioning unit running at its best!