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How to Use Ceiling Fans with Your AC Unit (And Save Money)

How Ceiling Fans Work

Ceilings Fans have been a common method for cooling homes for over a hundred years now, but how do they work?

Fans work by the same principle as wind chill, air moving across your skin disperses body heat and evaporates perspiration, making it feel cooler than it actually is. When used in combination with your AC unit, ceiling fans can help make your house feel cooler and save you money in energy costs.

How To Save Money With Your Ceiling Fan

Modern ceiling fans are very efficient, they use very little electricity to run. When you use your ceiling fan in concert with your AC unit it can save you energy and money, but you need to be using your fan properly.

Make Sure Your Fan is Spinning in the Right Direction

Most ceiling fans run two directions, both clockwise and counterclockwise. There is typically a switch that changes the direction in which your fan spins.

Make sure that your fan is pushing air down, or spinning in a counterclockwise direction. If you stand under your fan and don’t feel air being pushed down, then you need to turn your fan off, then flip the switch to make sure that the fan spins in the proper direction. Without air being pushed down, you won’t get to enjoy the cooling effect that your ceiling fan generated by moving air.

Turn Up Your Thermostat

Fans do not actually lower the temperature in your house, only your AC unit can do that. You only save money and energy by turning up your thermostat a couple of degrees. If you run your ceiling fan without changing the thermostat you only use more energy.

Ceiling fans can make a room feel 2-3 degrees cooler. The US Department of Energy says that a fan can generate up to a 4-degree difference in comfort. Make sure that you utilize that difference a fan makes by turning up your thermostat.

Another important note is that only air conditioners control humidity. Fans can’t dry out the air like your AC unit will, which in Florida can make a big difference. If you struggle with the humidity levels in your home, make sure that you understand your options for better air quality.

Don’t Turn On Fans If You Aren’t In The Room

Because fans don’t actually cool down your house, if you turn them on in rooms you aren’t in, you won’t enjoy the effects of the fan and you’ll waste energy. Only turn on fans if you are in the room.

Ceiling Fans Can Also Disperse Heat

Heat rises. This means that warmer air tends to get trapped on the ceiling. In the winter, you want that warm air moving around to keep you warm. To solve this issue, make your fan turn clockwise. Fans that move clockwise pull cold air toward the ceiling and push the warmer air around.

We Care About Your Energy Costs

At Stellar Services we care about how much you spend on energy. We want to make sure that your HVAC unit operates as efficiently as possible. If you think that your HVAC unit may not be working at full capacity, or is costing you money, we can inspect your unit and make any repairs you might need. Contact us today to experience the difference Stellar Service can make.