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The Positives of Using a Heat Pump

If you live in Florida, chances are your house is heated by a heat pump. Though typically not as powerful as a traditional furnace, heat pumps are a great option to heat your home.

Pro: Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps work by using electricity to move air. They can either heat or cool depending on how they are set. To heat a house, a heat pump moves warm air through your home.

Traditional furnaces use a lot of energy heating the air around it. Because heat pumps simply move heat into your home (or out, depending on whether you’d like your house warmer or cooler), they use significantly less energy. Some estimates say you can save up to 50% in energy costs when compared to traditional heating units!

Pro: Dehumidify Better than Traditional Heating Units

Because heat pumps circulate heat throughout your home, they can naturally scrub away humidity that may be hanging in the air. Humidity can be a real problem to your air quality and potentially to your health. Higher humidity means that your body has to work harder to regulate its temperature, leading to you feeling run down.

At Stellar Services we take indoor air quality very seriously. We can test your air and provide options on how to best improve your air quality.

Pro: Distribute Heat Evenly Through Your Home

Traditional furnaces heat the air and then try to distribute that heat to your home. That system is often inefficient, meaning that the rooms closest to the furnace are the warmest, while the further away you are, the colder you get.

Heat pumps circulate warm air throughout your home. Because they constantly move air, each room stays at roughly the same warm temperature.

Pro: Heat Pumps Work Really Well in Moderate Climates

With all the positives of heat pumps, why install a larger furnace at all? In areas where there are prolonged periods of subzero temperatures, heat pumps work much less efficiently and may not be able to keep your house warm enough. Luckily in Florida, we live in a very moderate climate! This means that heat pumps should work just fine for our moderate winters.

Do You Need a New Heater?

Stellar Services is proud to serve Gainesville’s and much of North Central Florida’s heating and cooling needs. We are experts in heat pumps as well as in traditional furnaces. We can perform routine maintenance, repair or replace whatever heating unit you might have. If you are looking for a new heater, give us a call today at (352) 290-4919!