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Hvac Unit Can’t Keep up With the Cold?

As the temperatures start to drop at night and you turn up the heat, you may start to notice that your HVAC unit can’t keep up with the cold. While we don’t often deal with prolonged bouts of cold weather in North Central Florida, it can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Don’t suffer through the winter, there could be several fixable reasons for your lack of warmth.

Your Thermostat May Be Faulty

If you keep turning up your thermostat, but your home isn’t getting any warmer, your thermostat may not be working properly. Thermostats are one of the most underrated elements in your HVAC system, knowing which type of thermostat you have could help determine whether your thermostat is the culprit.

Mechanical vs. Digital Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats have a coil of metal that expands or contracts with changes in temperature. As it expands or contracts, the metal makes contact with electrical contacts that send a message to the AC Unit – either to heat the home or cool it down. If that coil gets dirty, your thermostat may not be registering the proper temperature.

Digital thermostats are the most common thermostats in modern homes. If your digital thermostat is miswired or is shorting out, it could be sending the wrong signals to your HVAC unit. If you think your thermostat isn’t working properly, have a professional inspect it to make sure that it’s operating as it should.

Blocked Ducts

The number one sign of blocked ducts would be weak or no airflow. Over time your air ducts can get dirty and restrict airflow to rooms around your house. Changing your air filter regularly can help reduce the amount of dust and dirt that circulates through your unit and keep your HVAC unit running at an optimum level.

If you turn your HVAC unit up or down and don’t feel much airflow coming through your vents, but you hear your unit running – it could be a sign that you need your ducts cleaned. Have your home inspected by a professional and order a duct cleaning to restore proper airflow to your HVAC system.

You May Have an Older Home

Older homes tend to deal with more heat loss. Outside air comes in through leaky windows, doorways, and other gaps in your home. If your home is poorly insulated, your HVAC unit may struggle to keep up with outside temperatures.

The problem may be exacerbated by the size of your HVAC unit. If it is undersized compared to the footprint of your home, your unit is already working hard to keep up. Have an air conditioning expert come out for an inspection and look for ways to seal up areas where you may be dealing with heat loss. A better-insulated home will lower your energy bill and keep you warm throughout the winter.