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The Real Cost of Your Old AC Unit

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Living in Florida, weather can be difficult, and your old air conditioning unit has been working hard to keep your family comfortable. Your old AC unit may have served you long and well, but is it currently working against you more than it is for you? Have you ever asked yourself how much that old AC unit is really costing you? Long past an air conditioner’s prime years, your AC becomes less of an asset and more of a liability. Here are some reasons your old AC may be costing you more than you think.

Repair Costs

Many people assume that purchasing a new air conditioner is a waste of money, but what if your old unit is costing you hundreds? Repair expenses may be cheaper than acquiring a new unit, but older units will require frequent repairs. Throughout many years, repair costs start to add up and before you know it, that money equals the same cost of a new and improved air conditioner. Protect yourself from swarming repair costs and consider buying a new unit.

In addition, most repairs will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty in case something does happen to your new air conditioner. Have an HVAC professional assess your air conditioner and provide insight on whether to replace your old unit.

The $5,000 Rule

If you are unsure whether to replace your AC unit, here is a general rule that may help your decision. Multiply the age of the unit by the repair cost, and if it’s over $5,000, replace the unit. If that number is less than $5,000, then repair it. Rather than an absolute, the rule should be used more as a guideline and shouldn’t take the place of professional advice.

Energy Costs

Though purchasing a new appliance can be financially daunting, it can save you money in the long run. Great strides in technological innovation in recent years have created air conditioning models that are more energy-efficient and can potentially cut your cooling costs in half!

With each hot Florida summer, air conditioning units become more inefficient and ultimately cost you more on your utility bill. With an AC unit upgrade, you invest a little to save a lot every month.

Health Costs

Old and poorly maintained air conditioners have shown to affect overall health and can cause illness. Without a proper AC unit to clean the air, debris and allergens will continue to flow throughout your home. Many of these pollutants can put your health at risk like respiratory problems, allergies, and flu-like symptoms. This is especially true if you have a pre-existing medical condition, making you and your family sensitive to air conditions. Have confidence in owning an air conditioning unit that can keep you happy and healthy!

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