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Repair or Replace? Assessing Your AC Unit Needs

When you invest in an AC unit, you’re investing in your entire home. However, with wear and tear from Florida’s harsh weather conditions, your investment could deteriorate and reach a critical decision point: to replace or to repair?

You never want to rush into this kind of decision, but you also need to be able to make a swift decision as temperatures get warmer and your house relies on the HVAC system. Here are a few things to consider when trying to weigh whether your AC unit needs replacing or a repair.

Age of the Unit

Just like every other major mechanical operation in your house, your AC unit comes with an average life span. The average lifespan of an AC unit can range from 10 years to 20 years. If you had recently replaced your unit and it starts to act up, you’d certainly make every effort to simply repair. However, if a unit gets to a certain age, you may be better off starting anew.

Frequency of Repair

Related to the age of the unit, it’s important to monitor how often you’re having to make repairs. Keep a log of repairs and trouble you’ve had with a unit so that you can proactively monitor the dates and amounts spent on a unit. If the repairs are quickly adding up, it is likely time for a new unit.

Energy Efficiency

As with most technologies, AC units have come a long way in recent years. While the seasonal temperatures aren’t changing, you may see your energy bill rise over the years with older units. If your energy bill has increased, it may be a sign that it’s time to replace your AC unit. New AC units are made to be far more efficient, slashing your energy bill.

Temperature Control

Just like your energy bill increasing with older units, you may also see fluctuations in the temperature. Ideally, you can set it and forget it with your AC unit. However, if it is unable to keep up with a set temperature and is uneven in distributing air, it might be a sign of larger problems and a need to replace. Make sure that the temperatures that you are setting are reasonable for the season though, as it may be too hot or too cold for the unit to reach.

Time Remaining in the Home

If you know you are likely moving out of a home in the near future, you likely don’t want to throw large amounts of money at a new AC unit that you won’t get the benefit of. It may help the resale value of the home, but not you and your family. Should you recently move into a home with an older AC unit, you may want to prioritize that upgrade to get the best air quality and have a new unit under warranty.

Help Making the Decision

No matter your AC unit condition, weighing all of these factors can be difficult for a homeowner. Our team of AC unit experts can help you best assess your unit. If it is a repair, we will do it honestly and right the first time so that the entire unit runs the best it can moving forward. If you need a completely new unit, we will help you get the right unit for your home. We want to make sure all of our customers can enjoy peace of mind with an AC unit they can count on. Get in touch with us to help determine if you need a replacement unit or repair.