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Why Your Space Heater Isn’t Cutting It

Good for Now, But You Can Do Better

In Florida, we can usually get away with very little use out of our furnace during the winter when the sun gives off enough heat. But some years are colder than others, or you may personally need some help to warm your home. If you’re working with a space heater because you think a furnace isn’t necessary, you may want to rethink that strategy.

How Space Heaters Work

Space heaters are usually portable and are meant to heat areas as large as a room or as small as under your desk. There are a wide variety of styles and types (some even look like a faux fireplace).

For limited purposes, they get the job done. Is it drafty in one area of your home? Grab the space heater. Have a family member or two who is just always cold? They can have a heater. Space heaters can also be a nice backup if your pilot light goes out or you have an issue with your furnace.

The Risk of Space Heaters


If you start looking around for space heaters, you’ll see a lot of warnings. You should never leave a space heater unattended. They are one of the most common causes of home heating fires. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that 43 percent of home heating fires started from a space heater.

If you choose to use a space heater for any reason, follow these safety tips:

  • Keep children and pets away.
  • Never leave a space heater unattended.
  • Use the fuel called for by the manufacturer.
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Turn off and unplug the heater when leaving the room or your home.
  • Keep cords away from area rugs.


Space heaters require close attention, not just for safety reasons, but for efficiency. You probably opted for a space heater to save money on heating costs. But they can be inefficient to the point where it costs you more than it would to run a furnace.

If you have a gas space heater, you’ll need to be mindful of when it needs refueling. Electric space heaters are a bit more convenient, but you will pay for it on your energy bill. You should pay attention to your costs to make sure you’re not wasting money.

Placement is also an issue for space heaters. Many are easy to knock over, so where you put yours is crucial. Also, if you’re using as a supplemental heating source, you don’t want it in a place where it would be redundant. It should also be in a place where pets and children don’t have easy access and the items around it are not susceptible to fire.

Improve Efficiency with a Furnace

Even if only used at night and for a few months out of the year, a furnace can keep your home warm without providing extra hassle or money. Keep up with your furnace maintenance to ensure it lasts as long as possible and you get your money’s worth.

Space heaters can be very inefficient for whole-home heating. Spreading units around your home is a lot to manage, compared to one unit that can automatically adjust to your needs and reach virtually any corner of a house. Space heaters come with many restrictions in terms of safety and efficiency, so why waste time and energy trying to figure out a workaround?

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