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Thermostat Problems That Can Throw Off the Rest of Your HVAC System

Have you noticed problems with your heating and cooling system recently? Maybe you get great airflow in some rooms and or poor airflow in others? Or maybe your system seems to cycle on and off at random, so your home never really achieves the proper temperature? If any of this sounds familiar, you could be dealing with a thermostat issue.

When your home's thermostat isn't working properly, it can cause all sorts of other issues with your HVAC system. Keep reading for four common thermostat problems that homeowners should be aware of, and if you're experiencing any of these issues, make sure to contact our HVAC professionals at Stellar Services of North Florida, LLC. for assistance.

Disconnection from the Wi-Fi

With today's modern thermostats, having the ability to connect to Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly common. But with connection comes potential issues– i.e if your thermostat suddenly becomes disconnected or goes in and out, causing your system to cycle on and off. It's important to be aware of the signs that indicate you may need to reconnect your thermostat to the wi-fi, like slow response times and displays not showing. It is also possible that you will need to reset your wi-fi, and wait for it to reconnect to the system. If needed, contact your HVAC technician for advice. Any skilled professional will be able to provide more information and determine the next steps.

Needs to be Restarted or Reset

Restarting or resetting your thermostat is probably the first step homeowners should take to resolve thermostat issues, assuming the problem doesn’t lie with the wi-fi. This may seem like a simple process, though it can also be one of the most effective solutions. Turn your thermostat off and on if it is not being responsive, and if necessary, input your desired comfort preferences again. If your system runs through the wi-fi, make sure that it is connected and ready to go. Like any piece of technology, sometimes a simple off-and-on-again will do the trick, and even with the most hi-tech thermostats, this may be your best bet to restore your system to premium heating and cooling capability.

Battery Problems

Have you ever come home to a hot and stuffy house after expecting the air conditioning to be running? You may shift the thermostat setting only to find nothing is happening. If this sounds familiar, there’s a good chance that what you encountered is a battery problem in your thermostat. Your thermostat's battery is responsible for sending signals to your heating and cooling devices within your larger HVAC system, so if it dies or becomes disconnected, then these systems will stop working. In addition to dead batteries, even batteries that are low can cause HVAC issues, so when in doubt, don’t hesitate to replace. For maximum efficiency, develop a schedule, so you know when to change out the batteries in your thermostat, and never have to come home to an uncomfortable home.

Poor Installation

It’s a sad reality, but poor installation is not uncommon when it comes to thermostats and HVAC systems. From situations as small as screws not being tight enough to more significant ones like improper wiring, there are many potential issues that can cause disruption between the communication of your thermostat and your heating and cooling devices. In some cases, a thermostat will also be installed in a part of your home that is much cooler or hotter than the rest of your house. In this scenario, you will likely be able to detect the problem because parts of your home will get much better airflow than others. If any of this sounds familiar, make sure to call a certified service HVAC technician who is acquainted with all local codes and regulations. With an experienced professional, you will be able to reinstall your thermostat in an area designed to provide optimum comfort and efficiency for your entire household.

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